Invisi Gard Products

INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Screens have a wide range of products suitable for the following residential and commercial applications:

  • Hinged Door
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Sliding Door
  • Emergency Escape Systems
  • Sliding Window
  • Pool Fencing
  • Security Screen

Sliding Doors

The INVISI-GARD Sliding Door is the most versatile Stainless Steel door on the market. With many homes incorporating one or more sliding doors to access entertainment areas, gardens and patios. INVISI-GARD Sliding Security Doors offer excellent security without compromising the view.

Hinged Doors

The INVISI-GARD Hinged Door delivers a style and finish like no other. Manufactured and tested in accordance to the Australian Standards, INVISI-GARD Hinged Doors will complement any home that requires enhanced levels of security.


INVISI-SCAPE Emergency Escape Security Screens offer a simple keyless escape method in the event of a fire or an emergency situation. The need to escape through a window is one that we hope you will never require, however with the INVISI-SCAPE System you have confidence in not only additional security but also the piece of mind of egress in an emergency. An additional benefit of INVISI-SCAPE screens is the ease of cleaning.

Choice of Stylish Colours

With INVISI-GARD products, choosing or matching the colour to existing door and window frames isn’t a problem. A full range of powder coat colours along with anodised finishes are readily available from your INVISI-GARD dealer.

Custom Built

All INVISI-GARD products are custom built and made to measure to suit your exact requirements by Malibu Security. INVISI-GARD doors can also be built incorporating a wide range of Aluminium Cast Panels to give a more traditional look.

INVISI-GARD Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Wire 0.8mm
  • Material 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Wire Count 11 x 11 strands per 25mm sq
  • Powder Coating 10 year Warranty
  • Aluminium Frame 6063-T5 Grade Aluminium
  • Testing NATA Certified