Thieves are finding new ways to Break in!

With the current state of society, we are finding more and more, the sad fact that people who are drug dependent and/or unemployed are joining the ranks of common criminals who are now finding different ways to enter your home or business.  Long story short… The thieves are finding new ways to break in!

Recently on the news, a family living in one of the Gold Coasts nicer canal suburbs of Runaway Bay, found that their security wasn’t enough. The thieves found that by using a small dingy or boat, they were able to enter the property from behind, where the security may not have been as good as the front of the property. Not only did they break in and steal a fortune in jewellery, clothes and watches… but a few days later came back to clean up what they didn’t get the first time!

Living on a canal leaves itself open to this sad state of affairs, and our message to you is to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your family… it may be time to call in the experts in Home Security.

John, former Soldier and Security Expert since the early 80’s has seen his fair share of what criminals can do. He has been assessing the needs of Brisbane and Redlands Bayside families and businesses since 1996 and supplying them with the Rolls Royce in Security… Invisi Gard and Prowler Proof. John trusts these brands with his own home and will stand by his products as they are expertly manufactured at his Capalaba factory! John has never had a customer come back to him to tell him that a prowler or thief has made it through his barriers. The best advice that I can give as the author of this post, is Trust John, Trust Malibu Security Doors and Screens.

Stop giving the thieves new ways to break in! Protect your home and your family from all kinds of intruders…

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Author: Magreth de Graaf


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Alspec – who are one of our suppliers,  in their Trade Magazine ‘Connected’ features one of our Projects in a 2 page spread. There is no higher compliment from one of your peers than to be featured in one of their publications. Something we are immensely proud of! Page 2 -  Alspec (one of our suppliers) in their Trade  Magazine 'Connected' features one of our Projects in a 2 page spread. Page 2 -  Alspec (one of our suppliers) in their Trade  Magazine 'Connected' features one of our Projects in a 2 page spread.

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